SEO that outperforms your competition while generating more leads for your law firm. Stop losing good cases to other attorneys.


More Attention, Better Results

Digitic was built to prioritize our clients because we recognize the importance of increasing new case intake for law firms. We grow our clients brand and market share with a strategy that's built on deep insights, extensive experience, and a competitive drive for our clients to win in their market.

We've worked with 300+ law firms - some of the biggest names in the profession - to implement fast, effective SEO solutions. Our system will enable your firm to compete with top ranking law firms in your market.

Agencies have too many clients. We focus on quality over quantity. Our goal is to handle less than 10 campaigns at once to give you maximum attention, service, and results. Look at us like one of your full-time employees but with the right team and right strategy. We want to be accountable for results and a big part of your law firm growth story.

We will not work with another law firm in your city. We want to help beat them, not partner with them.

Attention, Service, and Results are our three core values. We call it our ASR model. Your website will get maximum attention, white glove service, and the ROI you expect. The reason we limit our client base is to provide you with the best ASR.

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Experience Matters

We’ve worked with some of the most recognizable law firms in the country for over 15 years and know what it takes to drive results from your website. Because of that, we’ve developed the right system that helps shape our marketing campaigns.

Make Some Noise

We specialize in driving new business for law firms while providing all the necessary things to create a thriving website. Our goal is to help you generate more visibility in your city to shake things up from previous stale performance.

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About Us

Your SEO Partner, Every Step of The Way.

The client partnerships we build go beyond data and numbers. We provide individualized attention and strategies so we can be true growth partners in an ever-changing digital landscape. 
DIGITIC is the smart option for law firms, of any size, to contend with major competitors in any market. 

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Feedback from Clients.

I’ve worked with a lot of internet companies, but DIGITIC is really on top of their game. I’ve been really impressed with all their work and the results that we are getting.


John D.

Managing Partner

Matt constantly delivers results for our firm. He's a strategic marketing partner who's in your corner and has made a major impact on us. I'd recommend him for anyone looking for SEO help.


Justin S.

Hawkins | Spizman

Wow!! I am really impressed with everything you have been tackling for us on our website. Looks like your efforts are producing some results! I continue to be very impressed by all you are doing.


Tina M.


Matt and his team are one of the smartest digital marketers for law firms. He's a pleasure to work with and always brings new insights to the table. I highly recommend DIGITIC.


Donna M.

Marketing Director
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